Innovative dental Technology

Whilst we will continue to embrace the latest technology we only do so when there is overwhelming evidence that it is beneficial to the patient. Latest technological advances are supported by thorough assessments, clinical inspections and listening to our patients.


Cone Beam Computer Tomography is a specialist application for 3D dental imaging and of other maxilla facial structures. Learn more >


Wargrave Dental Clinic uses a progressive technology system which provides a comprehensive computer guided 3D implant treatment system. This ensures we can assess your anatomy in advance and tailor the surgery specifically for you and your mouth, meaning implant placement is more predictable. Surgery can be less invasive and optimises treatment outcomes.


For extra precision and detail, Wargrave Dental Clinic uses a state-of-the-art operating microscope to give outstanding conditions for assessment and undertaking procedures.


An intra oral camera is small digital camera that is slim and can take images of the inside of your mouth to be viewed in real-time. It connects to our computer and TV screen that you can watch as we investigate your mouth providing detailed accuracy. This helps you to understand the condition of your teeth and soft tissues. This is an invaluable tool helping you learn about your own mouth, and assist us discussing the best treatment options for you. Storing these images means we can compare tooth images as time goes on.


A panoramic dental X-ray machine and film are outside of your mouth. This gives us a comprehensive view of your entire mouth in a relatively short amount of time (approx. 11 seconds). This type of radiograph works very well when assessing wisdom teeth or if a patient cannot tolerate having small digital sensors in the mouth.


Digital x-rays provide sharp, high resolution images at the lowest possible dose of radiation. These are taken in whilst the patient is sitting comfortably in the dental chair and can be viewed on a computer monitor within seconds of taking the image.

“I have followed Ranju as a superb dentist until he finally ended up in his own practice in Wargrave. Up to date, professional and proactive in his advice, you’re lucky to have him on your doorstep.”

Mr Romanes, Wargrave

“I found Ranju very friendly and helpful. I have had many dentists over the past sixty years but none were as informative in helping me to maintain my teeth as he has been. Top notch surgery and service.

Mr Denton, Wargrave

“Wargrave Dental Clinic gave me professional experience, skilful, not to mention caring and sympathetic dental surgeons, backed up with a state of the art surgery and facilities that you would only imagine to see on Harley Street. “

Mr Salmon, Henley

“The clinics equipment is very up to date and literally used to keep the patient in the picture as Ranju explains everything. They do not invent work for the sake of it but focus on preventative dentistry.”

Mr Matthews, Wargrave

“Having been told I was not a suitable candidate for implants, as I didn’t have enough bone to support them, I was extremely grateful to Ranju and the latest technology (they use) for making the impossible, possible. “

Mrs S, Caversham