Single dental implant

If you have a missing tooth we are able to provide a single tooth implant where a titanium screw is inserted into your bone to provide maximum stability. A crown is then attached to this. The implant crown will blend naturally with the rest of your teeth and your smile will be restored!

Multiple tooth replacement

Dental implants can be placed to support fixed bridges and dentures. A fixed bridge could be from two dental implants supporting a 3 unit bridge (three teeth in total) or a 4-8 dental implants in each arch supporting a row of 10-12 teeth. An arch is an upper or lower jaw. Alternatively a denture can be supported with 2, 4 or 6 dental implants depending on which arch. The denture is fitted with attachments that connect with the dental implants – the denture will be removable but stable and secure.

Smart fix concept

With the ‘SmartFix concept’ patients can benefit from an immediate implant-supported restoration, as a provisional prosthesis is screwed onto the implants on the day of treatment. Final solutions for the SmartFix treatment concept include both fixed prostheses (bridges) and removable solutions (secure dentures).

Safe surgical guides for implant placement

Our surgical guides are used during computer guided surgery cases. The guides are 3D printed and are specific to your individual 3D scan. Advantages of using a surgical guide are:

  • Transferring all of your implant planning from the digital software to the surgery
  • Keyhole surgery which is less invasive
  • No stitches or maybe a miniflap
  • Reduced surgery time
  • Reduced post-operation discomfort

Immediate dental implants

Patient depending, it may be possible to surgically place the dental implant and fit a temporary restoration during the same surgery. This treatment requires accurate planning and no infection present prior to work commencing.

3D digital implant planning, computer guided implant surgery

Computer guided implant surgery uses the latest dental technology to plan the implant surgery and the position of the final restoration on a computer using the patient’s CT image. Computer guided implant surgery allows the dentist to virtually diagnose a patient and plan implant cases in a 3D tutorial. Surgeon’s are then able to accurately transfer those virtual plans to the patient’s mouth using an implant surgical guide made from 3D printing technology.

Personalised treatment plans

Here at Wargrave Dental Clinic, we provide our patients with treatment cost and plans, from the simple to more complex treatments. Detailed dental reports are also available at an additional cost.

“Excellent treatment from start to finish. The two implants Ranju fitted are amazing! The procedure was fully explained to me and the care that was given was first class.

Miss B, Woodley

“My new teeth have given me back my self confidence, I can look friends in the eye and express myself; secure in the knowledge that my teeth are just be part of me, not a distracting disconnected side show.”

Mr Sibley, Shiplake

“I have been seeing Ranju for 6 years and have been delighted with my treatment. I have had implants, a bridge as well as ‘normal’ dentistry. I personally think he is marvellous and changed surgeries to continue treatment with him.”

Mrs C, Burghfield

“Best recommendation ever! Totally painless and perfect implant.”

Mrs L, Henley

“I was apprehensive when approaching the extensive dentistry required for dentures. The skills and friendly yet professional manner in which Ranju tackled the task, made it all become easy and stress free.”

Mr Atkins, Henley on Thames