Cosmetic and Advanced Dentistry

Customised ceramic crowns and veneers

A crown is a prosthetic tooth that is placed over the top of a damaged tooth to restore its shape, size and appearance. Veneers are ultra thin layers of porcelain or a composite material bonded to the front surface of your tooth to hide any flaws. We have a very close working relationship with our laboratory to give you a perfectly matched natural colour and shape using all of the latest dental materials. Both crowns and veneers will restore your smile.

Lifelike dentures

Care and time is given to restore your smile with a comfortable and beautiful bespoke denture. Dr Anu Chadha has a Masters degree in prosthetic dentistry (full and partial dentures) and would be delighted to discuss your individual requirements, as would our specialist prosthodontist Mr Ranju Khurana.

Replacement of missing teeth/gaps

Patients have a range of choices to restore the spaces in their mouth. We can give you detailed information on dental implants, conventional or adhesive bridges, dentures or combinations.

Orthodontics (teeth straightening)

At present orthodontics aren’t available at Wargrave Dental Clinic. We do however work closely with local dental colleagues who can carry out this service.

Tooth whitening

Patients generally like to whiten their teeth to brighten their smile. We have found the whitening your teeth with gels that Wargrave Dental Clinic provides for home use offers the best option for long term results. After a full assessment of your teeth and gums and take photos for you, we are then able to prescribe the correct concentration of hydrogen peroxide which will whiten your enamel without damaging it bringing back your teeth to their natural white. Whitening will only improve your natural teeth, it will not change the colour of crowns, bridges, veneers, composite fillings, dentures or any other man made material. If you are considering dental work, it is best to whitening your natural teeth first and then we can select the whiter shade for your restorative dentistry. Please allow a couple of weeks after whitening for the tooth colour to stabilise before commencing the restorative work. Do not do any further whitening in this two week period.

Smile makeovers

Whether you have perfect oral health or need some assistance, we understand that smiles are an important communication tool and will work with you to achieve your aim. Initially we will focus on jaw structure, bite and oral health to determine the best treatment path to accomplish a pleasing smile.

Replacement of silver/metal fillings

Silver/metal fillings can be unsightly. Traditional fillings were made of metal alloys called amalgam. If restoration requires replacement, Wargrave Dental Clinic can offer careful and safe removal.

Mercury free fillings

We’re pleased to offer mercury free options in both composite resin and porcelain ceramics. Our goal is always to create extremely natural results for our patients, almost undetectable from natural teeth.

Stain removal

In many cases, all you need to remove stains from your teeth is an appointment with a dental hygienist. At Wargrave Dental Clinic, our hygienist, is a key member of our preventative dentistry team and uses the airflow machine to remove even the most stubborn stains from the tooth.

“Having had a phobia about visiting a dentist for years, I went to Wargrave Dental Clinic and found them to be amazing in every way! Over the last 20 months I’ve had major dental work at this practice and can highly recommend the whole team.”
Mrs Kendall, Earley
Excellent at educating us in dental health and the quality of Ranju’s work is fabulous. I’m so pleased with my new crown and internal tooth whitening with tooth reconstruction.

Mr C, Wargrave

I have just finished a course of treatment with Dr.Khurana, which included an extraction, and the fitting of crowns. He took great pains to get everything just right, and importantly he discussed at each stage the decisions that he was making, and why, and exactly what was happening as he progressed with the work. You have a very satisfied patient.

Mr B, Petworth, Sussex

I never thought dental treatment could be a good experience, but by going to Wargrave Dental Clinic to see Ranju I have been proven wrong. I had an amazing experience (wisdom tooth out and fillings). They made me relax and explained the procedure throughout.

Mrs Irvanipour

Excellent at educating us in dental health and the quality of Ranju’s work (on my crown and internal tooth whitening with tooth reconstruction) is fabulous.

Mrs Cook, Wargrave