CBCT – 3D Dental Imaging


What is a CBCT?

Cone Beam Computer Tomography is a specialist application for 3D dental imaging and of other maxilla facial structures.

Wargrave Dental Clinic have invested in the award winning Veraview X800 | MORITA.

It has a broad range of applications including oral surgery, dental implant planning and guided surgery, orthodontics, endodontics , TMJ assessment and periodontics. It offers precise diagnostics and targeted treatment planning. Resolution can be further enhanced by 360 º rotations to reduce artefacts and scatter. A 180º scanning is also possible, with a lower dose and shorter exposure time.

The eight field of views range from a small 40mm x40mm (approximately 3 teeth) to a larger 100mm x 80mm (both dental arches) subject to the clinical requirements. MORITA’s unique 3D system replaces the typical cylindrical shape with a convex triangle shape – the Reuleaux FOV thereby reducing the dose.

CBCT 3D imaging
CBCT 3D imaging
3D dental imaging