What’s in a smile?

A smile is impulsive, communicating an emotive reaction and attracts a feeling that cannot be overlooked.

Second only to eye contact, the smile conveys so much – confidence, humanity, friendship, understanding, warmth – it is essential that the condition and appearance of your teeth do not inhibit this natural desire to smile.

Smile with us

The upkeep of healthy teeth and gums is as important to your wellbeing as is a good diet, or regular exercise.  Maintenance, regular check-ups or more in-depth dental solutions will all help to increase happiness and your perceived quality of life.

Wargrave Dental Clinic offer routine examinations, which are often only annually if no concerns are identified, and have the expertise to fix many more intricate dental issues. Ranju and Anu offer complex restorative dentistry, implants, cosmetic & aesthetic dentistry, tooth whitening, and removable prosthodontics (dentures) in a comfortable and relaxed environment. All bespoke dental treatment offered will be to recreate your natural smile, in terms of shape and colour, and mostly definitely as a long term solution, not a quick fix. We want that smile to stay!

Every time you smile at someone, it is a gift to that person, a beautiful thing

Mother Theresa