We believe strongly in the importance of effective oral hygiene and the role it plays in the prevention of dental disease. In fact there is also increasing evidence to link gum disease with many general health conditions including heart disease and inflammatory conditions.

Our hygienist works closely with the dentists to develop the best programme for each patient, working together to promote good oral health. Our hygienists work as an integral part of the dental team to help improve the health of your mouth. As well as scaling your teeth to remove the hard deposits, inform you how to improve your homecare, including correct techniques whilst using dental floss and interdental brushes, they will also polish your teeth. We also have an air polisher at the practice that can be used on healthy gums to leave your mouth feeling fresh and sparkling.

Seeing the hygienist will give you invaluable practical, personalised advice to help you keep your mouth healthy and disease free. Following up with a good home care regime will help reduce the risk of periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay.


Did you know that it is now possible to see our hygienist without being a registered patient at Wargrave Dental Clinic?

Regulations have changed allowing hygienists to see patients without a referral from the dentist. All that is required is an up to date medical history and completed consent form.