Let our patients tell you about their experiences.

We have been patients of Ranju , now running the Wargrave Clinic, for over 12 years.  The practice at Wargrave is efficient and friendly and the premises new and smart with good parking nearby. Ranju is excellent-thorough, professional and always re-assuring. His attention to us has relieved us of much anxiety and his expertise has enhanced our confidence and much better care of our teeth and other oral conditions

Dr Hugh and Dr Carolyn Boulter, Theale

After 2 years of not being able to eat right , in pain and agony , I was so scared of the dentist and I finally found you guys!

What I can I say , incredible service from the moment i walked in the door. Everything was explained to me perfectly. The appointments were always on time and the care incredible. After 4 months i finally had teeth to smile again. My 3 children are now registered and I will recommend Ranju to everyone, by far the best dentist i have ever seen

Emma Kingston

Having had a phobia about visiting a dentist for years, I went to Wargrave Dental Clinic and found them to be amazing in every way! Over the last 20 months i’ve had major dental work at this practice and can highly recommend the whole team. Anu, Ranju and Serena who are all very caring, professional and friendly.

Wendy Kendall, Earley
Ranju and Anu and their team have transformed my dread of attending a dentist appointment! They provide an extremely high standard of dental treatment and care in a lovely environment. They are brilliant with young children and the whole experience is very pleasant. I highly recommend them as a 5 star Family Dental Practice.
Annie Puddick, Sonning Common

Having really bad experiences with the school dentist I was always reluctant to have my teeth regularly checked, so when the Wargrave Dental Clinic opened it seemed a good idea to make an appointment.

My appointment was with Anu who put me completely at ease and was so kind and professional.  The appointments I’ve had with her have resulted in me having the most perfect fitting teeth – smiling and chewing are absolutely no problem and friends can’t believe they are not ‘real’.

V.S. Wargrave

After seeing Gail , I had an extremely positive experience. Gentle, very thorough and she explained very clearly how I can improve my dental cleaning.

Mrs C Lowe, Newbury

My new teeth have given me back my self confidence, I can look friends in the eye and express myself; secure in the knowledge that my teeth are just be part of me, not a distracting disconnected side show

Mr. Sibley, Shiplake
Ranju has been looking after the dental health of both my wife and I since December 2014.
I must firstly comment on how welcoming we find the Wargrave Dental Clinic – visits here are never a cause for anxiety.  The atmosphere is calming and relaxing and both Ranju and Serena have a delightful “chairside manner”.
Ranju is friendly and highly professional in all that he does.  He does not invent work for the sake of it.  Wherever possible he focusses on preventative dentistry, carefully and yet quite firmly explaining what his patients need to do to keep their side of the bargain.  The clinic’s equipment  is very up-to-date and is literally used to keep the patient in the picture as Ranju patiently explains the causes and remedies due to any shortcomings in our own dental hygiene.
If the reader is al all apprehensive about visiting his or her current dentist, perhaps it’s time to try out Wargrave Dental Clinic – we did and we’ve not looked back.
Ian Matthews, Wargrave

We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful dental practice so close to home. We are always very happy to go along to our dental check ups and appointments, no wonder as Ranju and Serena make us feel very welcome, comfortable and relaxed. Excellent at educating us in dental health and the quality of Ranju’s work is fabulous.  I’m so pleased with my new crown and internal tooth whitening with tooth reconstruction.

The Cook family, Wargrave

I originally saw Ranju in 2008 for my first dental  implant placement. I’ve just had another two implants fitted making it three now. Feels like they have been there forever, they are so comfortable. 100% happy. Ranju & Serena made it an easy, pain free experience.

Mrs G. Braine, Earley, Reading

I was recommended to Ranju and his Wargrave practice after suffering from tooth ache all over the Christmas of 2014.
As I entered the practice I was extremely impressed with the decor,  the cleanness and how light the rooms are not to mention the relaxed atmosphere.
After extremely thorough tests Ranju diagnosed that my tooth had indeed cracked in half and an abscess was very much present,  the only option I had was to remove the tooth.
Having never had a tooth removed and being very nervous of even visiting the dentist, Ranju and his lovely assistant Serena reassured me that it wouldn’t hurt, they were indeed right.
Ranju explains every aspect of what is involved in your treatment including costings.
I have since had an implant to replace the lost tooth, I’ve had a wisdom tooth removed and had my teeth whitened. The results are amazing!
I really cannot recommend the Wargrave Dental practice enough and I tell all of my friends to go and see Ranju because he really is the best dentist you are ever likely to meet!
Unfortunately for these guys they are now stuck with me.


Karen Thatcher, Henley-On-Thames

I received old fashioned care and attention from a charming young man in beautiful surroundings.

P. Burgess, Thatcham

Dear Anu,

I was apprehensive when approaching the extensive dentistry I required particularly the need for dentures.

Thanks to your skills and the friendly yet professional manner by which you, Ranju and Serena tackled the task all became easy and stress free. Once I had overcome the novelty of wearing dentures, by following your directions on oral hygiene everything became normal routine like cleaning my teeth.

I will certainly recommend the Wargrave Dental Clinic to family and friends.

Mr Dennis Atkins, Henley-on-Thames

I have followed Ranju as a superb dentist until he finally ended up in his own practice in Wargrave. Up to date, professional and proactive in his advice, you’re lucky to have him on your doorstep.

Robert Romanes, Vice President Wargrave & Shiplake Regatta

I have just finished a course of treatment with Dr.Khurana, which included an extraction , and the fitting of crowns. The purpose of this letter was to say that I greatly appreciated the quality of his work. He took great pains to get everything just right, and importantly he discussed at each stage the decisions that he was making , and why, and exactly what was happening as he progressed with the work. You have a very satisfied patient.

D. Brooks. Petworth, Sussex

Ranju was a breath of fresh air and a delight skilfully laying down the law taking no prisoners or excuses. All the more remarkable as my Dad was a dentist and.. but trumped by the care attention and certainty that my failure to floss my ability to hide in the smallest of crevice in that rear tooth would count for nought. With Ranju,he was on the case and  as my dentist – my personal dentist he was simply the best..in a long line..after 60 years of my life. Try as I may to distract him he saw me right and I was wrong.
Far too many words but I’m a lawyer and you a craftsman.

G. Osborne-King

Mr. Ranju Khurana’s clinic makes a visit to the dentist an occasion without foreboding; the welcome was calming, the place well equipped ,bright and cheerful. All procedures were clearly explained and carried out with skill and patience [and when appropriate with good humour!]
He is a man of integrity who strives for perfection in the finished work and if not satisfied, does not load any extra cost to his patient if he re-works the procedure.
His working arrangement with his staff is excellent and he will take time to explain and help on new or difficult procedures. The team work is smooth and efficient which contributes greatly to calm atmosphere previously mentioned.
I am glad I’ve been his patient over the last 4 years and can state categorically that over a long life and experience with dentists, Ranju Khurana,as Bruce Forsyth would say, is my favourite.

J. Atkinson , Oxon

Ranju has looked after my dental care for a number years at his prior practice. I liked his work and trusted him so much I followed him to his new practice is Wargrave which is very friendly and extremely professional. Along with his professionalism there is a high standard of ethics. On initial consultation I expected to have lengthy treatment but during the course he advised that all was not necessary and advised to cut the treatment short saving me a lot money – not the advice you would expect from a private business but very much appreciated. I will continue to use this practice and don’t mind the extra travel to there at all

L. Hale

Anu has worked as a dental surgeon at my practice in Hungerford since 2006. She has been a fantastic asset to the practice. She is a skilful, conscientious dentist and is very popular with all of our patients. In particular she really cares for the patients that she looks after.

Simon Smallwood, Practice Principal, Church Lane Dental, Hungerford

I found Ranju very friendly and helpful. I have had many dentists over the past sixty years but none were as informative in helping me to maintain my teeth as he has been. Top notch surgery and service.

B. Denton, Wargrave

After many years dental treatment up in Yorkshire, I had what I thought was a relatively normal task of finding one down here in or around Henley, well I sat in two different dentists chairs for assesments and quotes but left disappointed and a few quid down at the same time, I had almost given up with the first and second opinions thinking I am not receiving the treatment and a professional service I should be. My teeth and gums where never correctly treated before coming to Wargrave, I was on and off antibiotics , I was in pain more than not. Well! I had almost given up until I went to the Wargrave dental surgery and received such professional experience, skilful, not to mention caring and sympathetic dental surgeons, backed up with a state of the art surgery and facilities that you would only imagine to see on Harley street, I then knew exactly what was wrong with my teeth when the dental surgeon went through everything step-by-step I was left in no doubt of the dental plan and procedures that were required and was explained why.

After a few treatments my teeth and gums are healthy, stable, strong to eat anything, I actualy didn’t need any pain killers AFTER my appointments which was a first for me,  AND I can sleep at night without any pain or discomfort,  I would recommend this dental surgery without hesitation and I have now gained confidence in British dental care.

Mr Peter Salmon, Henley

I had excruciating jaw pain and was unable to go to work such was the intensity. I am incredibly nervous towards dentistry , Ranju saw me as a same day emergency, identified the problem, extracted the tooth and I have not had pain since. The service was painless, professional, courteous and allayed my fears.

Mr Richard Bird, High Wycombe

Ranju Khurana brought the smile back to my face when he replaced a very expensive denture at the front of my mouth with a bridge. This had not been regarded as an option by my previous dentist and after twelve years of acute discomfort this has made an enormous difference to my day to day living.

Sheila Arthur

Many thanks Ranju. It has been a pleasure to be your patient during the last few years (and that is a phrase I most certainly DO NOT say often to my dentists!).

Marco Neira

As senior partners at Hadleigh Dental we are delighted that we have Ranju within our team.

Ranju is our visiting Specialist for all Implant work undertaken at the practice. He provides thorough consultation and discusses all aspects of the treatment answering question from patients and us. Patients are put at ease for complicated procedures and Ranju has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mr G Singh, Dentist, Hadleigh Dental Surgery

I have been seeing Ranju for 6 years and have been delighted with my treatment. I have had implants, a bridge as well as ‘normal’ dentistry. I personally think he is marvellous and changed surgeries to continue treatment with him.

Liz Chaddock, Burghfield

Ranju has been our visiting specialist at Hadleigh Dental Surgery for the last five years.

We have referred our implant and complex restorative cases to him during this time.

The patients regularly praise his easy and professional chair side manner and superb communication skills.

As a practicing private dentist I would strongly recommend Ranju as a specialist who would provide your patients with the best possible care.

Mr P Wilson, Dentist, Hadleigh Dental Surgery